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I visited NOVA Alexandria Campus. In the campus, I attended a meeting with members of the Women’s Center. This center fosters an environment in which women of diverse cultural backgrounds can best fulfill their personal, educational and professional goals. Specific goals of the center include as below:  I. Provide resources and services to promote educational success emphasizing gender equity and inclusiveness.      Promote access to quality education with college transfer: Scholarship, career and professional development opportunities. Internships, workshops, and community service initiatives
     Partnerships with community agencies and professional organizations  II. Develop programs to address gender and cultural barriers in areas of employment and policy-making and to encourage leadership opportunities for women.     Lecture series addressing women's issues.
    Development of curriculum for Women’s Studies Program.
    Recognition of contributions of women on campus  III. Establish referral system to:     Campus counseling for men and women.
    Community services agencies.
    Mentoring networks.
    Support groups and peer mentoring.
    Community outreach for role models Participants in the meeting include Ms Jill Biden, who is a Lecturer in English Department in NOVA Alexandria Campus and as the wife of the current U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.In one occation, Dr. Chamlou introduced me to her. It was exciting to meet and talk with the Second Lady of the United States. I also met other participants including Dr. George Gabriel, NOVA Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment, and also met an exchange faculty staff from University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. In midday, Dr. Chamlou and I visited George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. In the campus, I visited the library, canteen, study room, and international office. In the evening I got dinner with Dr. Chamlou at her parent’s apartment. Dr. Chamlou and both her parents are originally from Iran. They migrated to the US during 1970s. I also enjoyed eating the taste of iranian food.

Meeting at Women’s CenterMeeting at Women’s Center


Ms Jill Bidden attended the meetingMs Jill Bidden attended the meeting


George Mason UniversityGeorge Mason University


Canteen and Library at George Mason UniversityCanteen and Library at George Mason University


Dinner with Dr. Chamlou’s parentsDinner with Dr. Chamlou’s parents


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