His ideals are to create reliable and ethical journalists, always honoring their profession and stand for the public. Aryo graduated from Sociology UGM at 2005, majoring in Media Sociology. At 2010, he received an opportunity to continue his study for magister degree through a scholarship programme for journalists from Medco Foundation – Paramadina University, majoring in Political Communication. Aryo earned his magister degree at 2011 with a cum laude.


Aryo,  a staff for Independent Journalist Alliance (AJI) Jakarta, began his career in broadcasting journalism way back in 2010 during his time at college. He worked as a presenter, journalist, and producer at Swaragama FM Radio at Jogjakarta. Feeling the urge to raise the challenge, Aryo moved to Eltira Radio Jogjakarta (a radio under Kompas Group). He acts as a Manager of Newscasting. He also worked for Elshinta Radio Jakarta, presenting at prime time regular (Elshinta News and Morning and Noon Talk).

His TV journalism career began at 2005, working for several tv stations such as ANTV, TPI (now MNCTV), and tvONE. His highest achievement as tv journalist was when he became the producer for investigation program. July 2011, he decided to quit from mainstream media and focus on education which he also has undergone since 2007. He worked for several universities such as Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka, Paramadina University, and Universitas Pembangunan Jaya. He started as part time lecturer for Bakrie University at 2010. A year later, he joined Bakried University as a permanen lecturer. His passions are mainly on journalism, press freedom and independence, media sociology, democratization and media community, and political economic media.


Pendidikan (Education):

S1 (Bachelor): FISIPOL di Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta

Thesis: “Makna di balik Radio Komunitas (Studi Kasus pada Radio Panagati Jogjakarta)”

S2 (Master): Komunikasi Politik, Paramadina Graduated School, Paramadina University

Thesis: “Kegagalan Radio Komunitas sebagai Wahana Counter Hegomony (Studi Kasus pada Radio Panagati dan Angkringan di Jogjakarta)”




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