Faculty Members Master of Management

  • Dr. Dudi Rudianto, SE, M.Si.
    Dr. Dudi Rudianto, SE, M.Si.

    Upon a successful career in a multinational bank, he pursues his interest in academic life, culminating in his achievement in earning a doctoral degree from the University of Padjadjaran. His passion towards advancing the state of education in Indonesia has gained him public recognitions by the appointments for him as a BAN-PT Depdiknas RI’s assessor, a consultant and a resource person in several government and private institutions, as well as the grant of the “ university-level high achiever lecturer” award by the government in 2007. He has been serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Science (FEIS), Universitas Bakrie, since 2016.

  • Dr.agr. Wahyudi David.

    Wahyudi David earned his doctoral degree as Doktors der Agrarwisshenschaften (Dr. Agr.) from the Universitaet Kassel, Germany, being sponsored by the DAAD-Stibet and DIKTI. He was a participant in Returning Expert Programme organized by the World University Service and Centrum fur Internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM), and sponsored by Deutschen Bundesministerium fur wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ). He frequently is involved in international training program in the field of agriculture, organic food quality, and sensory analysis. With research interests on organic food quality and food culture, currently he serves as a Managing Editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Food & Energy.

  • DR. Jerry Heikal

    Sebagai mantan Direktur Data Science di dua perusahaan multi nasional terkemuka dunia di bidang riset pemasaran dan sistem pembayaran, beliau mempunyai spesialisasi pada bidang predictive modelling for business & risk improvement, quantitative market research for performance improvement, big data analytic for strategic decision making dan business intelligence for business problem identification serta credit scoring for risk support system. Pengalaman beliau sebagai praktisi pemasaran berbasis data ditunjang dengan pendidikan formal beliau sebagai doktor di bidang Manajemen Keuangan yang diperoleh dari Universitas YAI.

  • Dr. Tuti Widiastuti, M.Si.
    Dr. Tuti Widiastuti, M.Si.

    Earning a doctoral degree in communication sciences from the Universitas Indonesia after a stint as a professional in several private companies, she has established herself as a highly recognized expert in the area of communications, serving not only as a researcher but also as a consultant for both government and private sectors. Her research projects have been funded by many large agencies, including the Johns Hopkins University in the US, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, BKKBN, LPPKM, among others. As a fellow at the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF), currently she also serves as the Deputy Secretary General III of ISKI, the Indonesian association for communications expert

  • B.P. Kusumo Bintoro, Ir., MBA, Dr.

    Past professional experience in many large infrastructure and engineering projects has enabled him to complete his academic credentials relatively easily as he became the best graduate in his class year when he pursued the local management degree at LPPM, a USAID grant recipient when pursuing his MBA degree in International Business at the University of Southern California, and his earning a doctoral degree of science in management from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). At the same time, he keeps his engagement in several consulting practices in government and private sectors while maintaining his research interests in Enterprise Resource Planning implementation and drama theoretic analysis on decision making and negotiation.

  • Dr. Suwandi, SE, M.Si
    Dr. Suwandi, SE, M.Si

    He earned his doctoral degree in entrepreneurship from the Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia in 2000. He is an avid trainer, researcher, and consultant in the area of management, entrepreneurship, cooperatives and small medium enterprises, along with corporate social responsibility. He is a subject matter expert in the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprise and is a recipient of the award of Lencana Bhakti Koperasi from the Indonesian Government in 2004. He is also a member of the drafting team of the Act of Indonesia’s Cooperative Development Grand Design. .

  • Esa Haruman Wiraatmadja, Ir., M.Sc.Eng., Ph.D..

    Under British Council scholarship programs, Esa Haruman Wiraatmadja earned his Ph.D in Material Science and Engineering and his MSc. Eng. in Manufacturing Process and Management from the University of Birmingham, the UK. He has more than 28 years of professional experience mostly in area related to metal fabrication and processing, that include training and consulting several companies, both local and multi-national. His last academic career overseas entitled him with an associate professor rank at the Technology University Mara, Malaysia in 2011. His research interests include advanced manufacturing process, engineering economics, production and operations management. Currently, he also serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Universitas Bakrie.

    • Dr. Ir. Didit Herawan, MBA.

      As a former Country Director of a large telecommunication multi-national firm after assuming many managerial positions in various industries, while still pursuing his academic interest that ultimately led him earning a doctorate degree in strategic management from the University of Indonesia, he maintains his entrepreneurial passions by keeping developing various businesses. Currently, he serves as the Head of the UBPreneur, the business incubator of Universitas Bakrie that has started producing highly successful tenants.

    • Deddy Herdiansjah, M.Sc, MBA, Ph.D.
      Deddy Herdiansjah, M.Sc, MBA, Ph.D

      He earned his Ph.D in Business Administration in 2001 from the University of Phillippines, with a scholarship grant awarded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). He has been serving as lead consultant/trainer in the area of financial market and economics, advanced finance and strategic management for many large local and multi-national companies, as his professional stints in the past include the position as the Director in charge of Research and Business Development of the Business Advisory Group (now the Castle Group), operating in ASEAN, Australia, and the US and as a facilitator in a JICA-sponsored program in Okinawa, Japan. His current professional membership includes the Indonesian Economist Association.

    • Okder Pendrian
      DR. Okder Pendrian, S.Tp., MM.

      Okder Pendrian earned his doctoral degree in strategic management from the Universitas Indonesia while at the same time maintaining his professional career that was started in a multi-national company. In line with his professional areas related to human resources management and development, he maintains strong research interests in such areas along with corporate parenting styles, especially in large business conglomerates. At present, he also still serves as the CEO and Director of PT Bakrie Strategic Solutions.

    • Dr. Hermiyetti S.E., M.Si., CSRA
      Dr. Hermiyetti S.E., M.Si., CSRA

      She earned her doctoral degree in accounting from the Universitas Padjadjaran University, Indonesia and has assumed several high ranking managerial positions in the academic sector, especially in accounting area. Professionally, she holds the CSRS, the Certified Sustainability Report Specialist, and the CSRA, the Certified Sustainability Report Assurance certifications .

    • M. Taufiq Amir, SE., MM., Ph.D.
      M. Taufiq Amir, SE., MM., Ph.D

      As a Ph.D’s holder from the Edith Cowan University in Western Australia state of Australia, he has an extensive experience as a business development professional in various industries, which ultimately leads him to pursue an academic career with research interests in positive organizational behavior, innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and higher educational management. He has written several influential books on the subjects.

    • Muchsin
      Muchsin Saggaff Shihab, M.Sc., MBA, Ph.D

      Muchsin Saggaff Shihab had participated in entrepreneurship development program organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of the Management Department, while earning his Ph.D in International Marketing from the world-renowned Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India. He has served as a trainer in many programs organized by both government institutions and private companies. Currently, he maintains his research interests in the area of marketing, services marketing, consumer behavior and organizational culture.

    • Ir. Gunardi Endro, Ph.D

      As an expert in Applied Ethics, Gunardi Endro earned his Ph.D in philosophy from the National University of Singapore in 2008 upon having professional careers of more than 10 years in various multi-national companies. His research interests include business ethics, engineering ethics, economic philosophy, philosophy of management, corporate culture, philosophy of change, change management, corporate governance, leadership, project management, and quality management. At present, he is an active member of HIDESI (the Indonesian association of faculty member in ethics), ISEI (the Indonesian association of economists), and KUPAS (the Indonesian anti bribery business people).

    • Dr. Dudi Rudianto, SE, M.Si.
      Arief Suharko, Ph.D

      Upon earning his Ph.D in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, and as the recipient of the 1998 Institute for Industrial Engineering’s 2nd Best Dissertation award, he has worked in the transportation industry in the US, in the banking and telecommunication industry both in the UK and Indonesia before finally had served in the Group Bakrie as a VP in various functions. As a professional certificate holder in operations management (CPIM), financial risk management (FRM), and energy risk (ERP), currently he serves as the Head of the Master of Management, Universitas Bakrie.