The establishment of Universitas Bakrie is to manifest the Yayasan Pendidikan Bakrie’s commitment to supporting the excellence of human resources in Indonesia. Universitas Bakrie is the result of the transformation of the Bakrie School of Management. The conversion was approved based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 102/D/0/2009. From this starting point, Universitas Bakrie started its inaugural lecture on September, 20 2010, which was appointed as Universitas Bakrie’s Anniversary/Dies Natalis.

At the beginning of its establishment in 2009, Universitas Bakrie came up with five undergraduate study programs: Management, Accounting, Communication Studies, Information Systems, and Informatics. Currently, Universitas Bakrie has 11 study programs consisting of Master of Management (S2), Management (S1), Accounting (S1), Communication Studies (S1), Political Science (S1) under the auspices of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (FEIS), and Informatics (S1), Information Systems (S1), Industrial Engineering (S1), Civil Engineering (S1), Food Science and Technology (S1) and Environmental Engineering (S1) in under the auspices of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK).

In 2014, Universitas Bakrie achieved an award as an Outstanding Private University in the PTS Bebas Murni Category from Kopertis Wilayah III. Furthermore, in 2015, SWA Magazine acknowledged Universitas Bakrie as the Indonesia Best School of Management. During 2020, Universitas Bakrie was selected as the 20 best private universities in Jakarta by LLDIKTI Wilayah III DKI Jakarta Province. Universitas Bakrie’s achievements continue to flourish.